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Picking foods

In response to picky eater’s post:

I am underweight and a very picky eater I don’t like meats or baked vegetables. Kids at school comment about me being so skinny. I can’t help it. Another problem I have is Low Muscle Tone basically because I am 12 years old and I am starting to grow quickly my knees swell twice their usual size when I run even though there isn’t any problem with them. Please help me.

Hi there, Picky eater. Oh, you are not alone, however, you must search very quickly to resolve these eating issues because you are at a very important time in terms of growth (as you mention). You do not say if you are male or female. If you were female, you would be entering the time of greatest growth since infancy, and therefore some of the greatest dietary requirements you have ever needed since infancy. If you are male, your greatest growth period is approaching in the next few years but there will still be periods of rapid growth now. Either way, if you are undernourished during any growth period, you cannot make up the growth. This means you cannot go back and add an inch to your height that you missed when you weren’t getting enough food. Also, Continue reading