You can recycle drink boxes and beverage cartons in L.A.!

The Bureau of Sanitation flyer

Just last week, after YEARS, it was announced that you can put your empty, dry drink boxes and milk cartons into the blue bin.  Hoorah!

The Carton Council, brought to you by the leading makers of aseptic packages (drink boxes) have worked with L.A. Bureau of Sanitation , who specify what drink receptacles can be recycled:

Refrigerated cartons such as milk, juice, cream, and egg substitutes that are found in the chilled sections of grocery stores, and non-refrigerated cartons such as juice boxes, soup and broth, soy milk, and wine cartons found on the shelves in grocery stores.

So when you’re stumbling around after the party, remember to get the wine box into the blue bin (Kathy Griffin’s Mom, I’m talkin’ to you).  I’ll go into my uber-geekly love of Tetra Pak (shout out to Ruben Rausing!) some other time.  You’re welcome.


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