The burning stove problem

We have been working on renovating our kitchen.  Apparently I, as an old broad, failed to realize somehow that the trend in stoves makes for appliances that look like glorified outdoor grills in an attempt to imitate restaurant stoves.  The only problem is that they are horrible looking (that’s why they keep them in the back — and why they have LARGE sinks to clean the grates, etc. — who needs huge iron grates?)  Also, get off my lawn!

Anyway, we looked, and to my astonished surprise, I went home and wanted to hug our perhaps 30 year old Caloric Prestige that came with our house years ago.  Oh yeah, its grates look like they’ve been through a nuclear armageddon, and the lady cleaned it will Brillo every week, but it cooks like a charm.  And it’s still better looking than the other stoves.  Also, I’m wary of those little buttons you push to make the oven work — they broke so easily on our fancy toaster-oven (lifespan: less than 6 months).  When I went back to the cheap-o Black and Decker toaster oven with dials (lifespan of the one before the fancy one: 15 years), my toasting world righted itself.

Off we went to Sav On Appliances in Burbank.  Would it be wrong to have bake sales to benefit our impending ownership of a 1950-something O’Keefe and Merritt, fully restored?

Late '40s Okeefe and Merritt: Hello my darling

The nice lady told us that the computers on the new stoves are located with those fancy push buttons, right where all of the moisture and heat gathers, killing them off in about 5-8 years.  The old stoves are just crazy cool, and everyone tells me they cook well.  My mother-in-law has a beauty.  It’s tempting.  We may have to visit Mr. Aikens in Inglewood to torture ourselves some more.

But for now, I’m going to hug the little stove I have cooked on just about nightly for years.  I underestimated you, old Caloric, and I may have your stove grates re-done yet you old bird!


2 responses to “The burning stove problem

  1. my aunt had a stove that looked very much like this one and she had it for years and years!! your stove reminds me of thanksgiving dinners and lots of tasty food and people all gathered together loving all that food. I hope the stove lasts forever and gives you that much pleasure!

    • That’s the stove I WANT, but not the one we currently have. I picture a scenario like you and your aunt when I see it, though! xo

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