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Oh, Oh, I know! Pick me! Pick me!!

Does this look like a cup of blueberries or a tomato?

Here’s the deal with cookies and other processed foods that contain added vitamins and minerals:

  • They might be all right, but usually they don’t taste as good as their fattier, more deliciously made, unfortified cousins.
  • You might be all right with that idea, but I kind of doubt it, so…
  •  Out of a sense of deprivation and an added sense that this is some kind of health food, you will overdo.  If two cookies are 130 calories with 5 grams of fat, for about the same calories and fat you can have ONE regular cookie that tastes like possibly the best thing on Earth, and then go ahead and

Blueberries, tomatoes, and most of the naturally high sources of vitamins and minerals contain fiber as well, but as important, they contain important phytochemicals (phyto: plant) that work together in ways we don’t yet fully understand to promote health.

It’s not the WhoNu (can we NOT SPELL?!) cookies that bother me as much as what you won’t be eating when you consume too many of them.  The FAQ on WhoNu’s web site suggests they might know a bit about this, as there is a caution about getting used to eating more fiber.  Two cookies contain 3 grams of fiber, and you need 25 (women)-38 (men) grams of fiber a day.  Three grams, or one serving, isn’t going to send you running to the bathroom but a heap of these cookies to the uninitiated colon sure will.

Also, and it doesn’t promote this as a health claim on the label, but many of their cookies are a “good” source of saturated fat.  You know, the stuff that raises cholesterol levels, clogs your arteries and kills ya?

Blueberries and tomatoes, carrots and their juice, oatmeal and spinach don’t have any of that.  Who knew?