Californians: Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) labeling: YES on Prop 37

Updated October 18, 2012: Follow the money, my friends, follow the money.  Or, Okay, f0llow the voter’s guide.  It’s a labeling law.  It will improve your knowledge, and if giant companies funding this are so worried, they could always change their practices to meet the new demands issued by people who know what goes into their food.

Check this out: The parent companies of some organic health foods (Kashi, Horizon, Silk, Larabar) are giving money to fight the labeling of GMOs.  We need to pass this proposition, Californians.  The arguments against the proposition imply that it’s a ban — it’s merely information, but it’s information that will likely cause you to steer clear and will cause product reformulations that have your health rather than a company’s convenience/cost-effectiveness in mind.

This sort of rending of garments within the food industry is nothing new.  It took forever to get trans fat on the label, and to get added trans fat out of the frying bins.  It took forever to get menu labeling, but now we have it and food companies and restaurants that complied are still in business.

Don’t shy away from having information made available to you; even if you choose to look away afterward, it will only improve your health when your food (and that of your children) cannot be adulterated so easily.  Just saying.  Thanks, Cornucopia Institute, for the poster:

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