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Diet for 2013, Pt. 4

Happy New Year everyone!

Okay, this is probably it for now….Back to the Do’s, which seem a little more life affirming, and a few resources:


Buy clothing in your current size and get rid of the rest.  Don’t save clothing for your goal weight.  When you get there, buy yourself a few new things and cut the crap; it’s going to be a while, and you need to feel good NOW.  Feeling good now will help you stay focused.  I never thought to do this for a long time but when I finally did people complimented my clothes, and when I looked in the  mirror I felt better about myself.  That was 30 pounds and well over 10 years ago, but it still applies.  Taking care of yourself, looking your best is a must do.  It should be first on your list of things to do, so I’ve left it down here near the end of these posts where you’ll remember it.

Reward yourself.  But not with food!  Take a buck or whatever you can afford, put it aside for each day you do a better than worse.  Make a goal – little or big — Disneyland, vacation, movies, dinner or coffee and a walk with a friend, a new book or video game you’ve been wanting, perhaps a new pair of jeans?  How about the gift of TIME to do whatever you want?  Just not food.  Soothe yourself some other way. Continue reading