Diet for 2013, Pt. 4

Happy New Year everyone!

Okay, this is probably it for now….Back to the Do’s, which seem a little more life affirming, and a few resources:


Buy clothing in your current size and get rid of the rest Don’t save clothing for your goal weight.  When you get there, buy yourself a few new things and cut the crap; it’s going to be a while, and you need to feel good NOW.  Feeling good now will help you stay focused.  I never thought to do this for a long time but when I finally did people complimented my clothes, and when I looked in the  mirror I felt better about myself.  That was 30 pounds and well over 10 years ago, but it still applies.  Taking care of yourself, looking your best is a must do.  It should be first on your list of things to do, so I’ve left it down here near the end of these posts where you’ll remember it.

Reward yourself.  But not with food!  Take a buck or whatever you can afford, put it aside for each day you do a better than worse.  Make a goal – little or big — Disneyland, vacation, movies, dinner or coffee and a walk with a friend, a new book or video game you’ve been wanting, perhaps a new pair of jeans?  How about the gift of TIME to do whatever you want?  Just not food.  Soothe yourself some other way.

Snack.  If you’re hungry, have a little snack.  A little slice of cheese, and apple with peanut butter, a couple of crackers with cheese and an apple.  A bit of carbs, a bit of healthy fat, and a bit of protein will keep you from gnawing your arm off waiting for the next meal.  Wait until your tummy growls like a wild animal living under the stairs, then throw that animal a nosh now and again.  With tea or coffee, or water – a whole cup of the stuff to top yourself off there and stay hydrated. See below for a little list.

Review the menu before you go to a new restaurant.  You need to do this so that when the people taking you there know what they want in 2 seconds you won’t feel rushed to choose quickly yourself.  This happens all the time, and it leads to poor choices.  Looking ahead will help you decide, and possibly craft your meal if necessary.  Feel free to alter things on the menu to suit your needs – just be extremely, extremely nice when you ask, as in “Could I please have…(dressing on the side/brown rice instead of bread/guacamole instead of salad dressing…for example)”  Then say thank you when they put down your plate or rush to refill your drinks.  Waitpeople work damned hard – be nice, tip well and they’ll be happy to get you whatever you need.

Be nice to yourself.  You wouldn’t treat a stranger as badly as some of you treat yourselves.  Go easy there.  You haven’t murdered anyone.  You’re toting around some extra weight and you deserve to be treated well, you really do.

Here are some resources for good advice about dietary patterns, choosing foods, and where to shop and what to eat:

List of healthy snacks – a good one will have a bit of protein, a bit of fat and a bit of carbs.  Bars are not great snacks, because they are loaded with sugar and extra vitamins, don’t keep you full and are meant for athletes.  You could, however, pair half a bar with a fruit or vegetable and that would help matters a lot.  Choose foods with water and fiber in them if you are watching your weight, because these have fewer calories and will fill you up.  In other words, fruit leather should be paired with a watery vegetable like celery or a carrot, and a very few nuts. Balance the dry, high calorie foods with the watery, less caloric foods.

Harvard School of Public Health eating pattern

How to read a food label

Farmers markets (enter your zip in the search for the ones near you)


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