Small changes #1

The other day I was thinking about the importance of small change.  We like to think big, and I like that.  But we make the mistake of thinking that big changes will get us there faster.  That may be true of some things, but when you’re changing your diet and/or exercise and your health, you are trying to change your habits — and that takes time.  Little things make a large impact over time, but they don’t challenge us so severely that we throw up our hands and go face down into a cake using one fork.

I think I may try suggesting one small change a day for as long as I can think of some little ones and see what happens.

If one doesn’t sound good, just wait and see if another tip feels right.  Maybe try one a week, or just one of the suggestions one time.  See how it feels.

If something works for you, feel free to comment!

Small change #1: Brush your teeth after dinner so you don’t come back to eat later.  Don’t cheat.  Act like a spokesperson for the American Dental Association.  Floss completely, then do a really good job — you know, like the day you’re going to the dentist and you take all that time to get it just right after 6 months of gummy bear consumption?  Like that.  When you feel like hitting the fridge you might find that you’re just too lazy to go back brush all over again.

You may also need less in the way of dentistry, leaving more money for new clothes, or a trip!


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    Small changes — if one speaks to you, do it!

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