Daily Archives: March 17, 2013

Small change #4 – Find the sweet spot between all or nothing

Eat less of one thing you normally eat but feel you probably shouldn’t.

If you go to the movies, get a small popcorn instead of a medium or a medium instead of the large you normally buy.  You can pocket the quarter that makes up the difference — I know it seems like a bargain to get the bigger one.  It isn’t in terms of your health.  If you like candy at the movies, buy a small bag of candy from a store before attending, rather than a giant box.  If you just can’t stand not “saving money” bring plastic bags to divide the candy among you and your friends, and likewise the popcorn.  It’s only a bargain if you exit as healthy as you came in.

If you eat french fries, order a size smaller than the one you usually get.  If you normally eat two doughnuts, just eat one.  If you normally order a burger with two patties and 2 slices of cheese, and 2 slices of bacon, try it with just one of each.  And if that is too much and makes your face look like a sad puppy just thinking about it, just take off ONE thing.  Even that will help, really!

In place of the food you have given up, feed yourself something from the low-calorie category — like a piece of fruit (not dried, not juiced — the real 3-D McCoy).  If you are eating fast food and trying to cut back, order a side salad and eat that ahead of the meal.  I know it’s more expensive than the dollar burger.  You’re totally worth it.  Ditch the dressing or measure 1 tsp. onto a spoon and then add it.  If that’s not palatable, ditch the salad altogether and get fresh apple — or bring your own.

Then think about the experience later in the day.  Was it enough?  Sometimes the answer will be an easy yes.  If it’s a no — and you can judge this by honestly asking yourself if you felt deprived — then make adjustments.  Will 1.5 doughnuts do the trick?  If you can find the sweet spot, you might be able to shave off just enough to enjoy the food without giving it up altogether.  Start with a bite less, if that’s what you can manage.

Don’t white-knuckle your way through it.  If the only amount of that food that will do is the amount you normally consume — change something else!