Small change #12: Give away some small change

How about some small change for someone else?

A couple of weeks ago a Boy Scout troop came by with some grocery bags with a little note asking if we could fill the bag with a few groceries to help people seeking help through MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity).

I filled the bag with chili, beans, Trader Joe’s version of Cheerios, and a couple of kinds of pasta.  I spent about $10.

Why not buy 1-2 staples for food pantry near you or send a check for the equivalent, remembering that even $5 every so often helps a lot. 

A few weeks previous, our kid and I got into a discussion about helping people who were homeless.  We take a freeway daily together and on the off ramps there are always people asking for money.  My favorite is a guy who bears a sign that says “Blah Blah Blah Can you spare a dollar?”

I explained that although I’ve given that man a buck, it’s probably a better idea to give money to a food pantry or MEND.  Her response: Our kid raised $13 for MEND by asking for our spare change, that of her grandparents, and by raiding her own stash of coins. 

So this one is literally small change.  Even a little can help someone a lot.

For those of you in L.A.:


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