If ya can’t beat ’em, feed ’em.

While I’ve been sitting around thinking about whether refried black beans would taste all right rolled up with sour cream and a little lettuce with


This is not Ms. A, but an unreasonable facsimile.

a flatbread jacket for her lunch, the kid was busy deciding that she would take off her beloved nail polish and get her health certificate so she could work in the very cafeteria where she normally won’t bother to eat.

After balling up the little health certificate and another necessary paper in her backpack, her homework folder, the dining table, and a random pocket, Ms. A finally delivered it to the cafeteria in exchange for a hair net, gloves and a little apron and 25 trays of hamburgers.  And free lunch.

Both of which she thoroughly enjoyed with the exception of the frozen apple cup.  Must they?  Would applesauce not have worked?  Ah, well.  She loved it so much that she says she’s going to finish up September as a cafeteria lady.

Clean hands, free lunch and a good work ethic?  I’m down with that.

Now, if she could just remember to put the homework back into the folder and then into the basket at school we’d really be cookin’ with gas.

p.s. – today Ms. A came home with the observation that among the elementary school population, roughly 99% of banana eaters start off their dining experience by making a bananaphone call, usually to the person standing directly behind them.  She also observed that the phone calls remained hilarious and nonsensical all the way to the last diner.  The cafeteria ladies were less amused, shouting, “Let’s go!  Let’s go!  Move the line! Take the bread or the banana [you can take both, but you have to take at least one of the two],” though the obvious choice was the banana, since it came with free minutes.

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