Hi, I’m Ilene

Welcome.  I’m so glad you dropped by.

I’m Ilene Sutter.  I have a master’s degree in nutrition and food science.  For six years I taught an introductory class in nutrition at California State University, Northridge. I’m also pretty keen on food science.

What’s the difference? Food science involves the growing, packaging and production of food.  In other words, it’s everything about food until it hits your mouth.  Nutrition is everything that happens (digesting, absorbing, using food…) from the time you swallow until you eliminate what’s left…. and the lasting health effects that result. So this is a place for me to unleash some information about food, food politics, nutrition news and my thoughts on all of it. Think of all the cash you’re saving by not actually having to attend school!

Mostly I’m writing this so you will learn about food and nutrition because it might help you live healthier and longer (I’m a compulsive writer.  That’s the other reason).  If you do learn something, you will secretly warm my heart. But let’s not waste time getting all sentimental. If you have a question you’d like answered, please leave a comment here.

Oh, and let’s not forget an important little disclaimer: Although I have a master’s degree in nutrition and food science, I am not a doctor (though I do look fabulous in a lab coat).

Please do not use this blog to diagnose or treat any disease.  Let your doctor creep into the other room to use his/her computer to search for the answers.  It’s like multiple choice; at least they’ll know it when they’ve found it.  Ha ha, of course they never do that…  But if your problem is nutrition-related, I heartily recommend seeking the help of a clinical registered dietitian, and/or gastroenterologist.  How do you know they have the credentials? ASK.

7 responses to “Hi, I’m Ilene

  1. I am underweight and a very picky eater I don’t like meats or baked vegetables. Kids at school comment about me being so skinny. I can’t help it. Another problem I have is Low Muscle Tone basically because I am 12 years old and I am starting to grow quickly my knees swell twice their usual size when I run even though there isn’t any problem with them. Please help me.

  2. Jeannette Hartman

    Is that you Ilene? I wish I’d known about this blog when you started it!

  3. To check informations given to the wide population.

    I’m a nursing student in Switzerland, 2nd bachelor year. I’ve been interested in nutrition since I’ve wanted to lose weight (and did too, 20lbs.)

    All the sports specific websites I’ve consulted for my weight loss, agree with the fact that cholesterol shouldn’t be the major problem for those wanting to lose weight and/or with cardiovascular diseases. But the information given to the public is all about “good” and “bad” cholesterol, plus medication that pharmaceutical laboratories want us to take (sell us).

    So, I’ve searched for this study :
    International Journal of Clinical Practice, oct 2009, 63 : supplément 163
    That gave me the main information reference for my Bachelor Thesis :
    “Are we killing our health in the egg? What’s wrong in the general public information given about cholesterol being linked to coronary diseases; why change it, and how to transmit it?”
    It’s all about health promotion practices, therapeutic education and nursing theories.
    So, that’s why I’m here…

  4. Good evening, Ilene,
    I have a carton of eggs, with a best before date August 14th.
    Can I still bake with them?


    Mary-Anne Lee

    • Hi Mary-Anne, as long as you have stored the eggs correctly up until now, meaning that they have been in the refrigerator quickly within one hour after you bought them then they should be absolutely fine as it is only 2 days past the date and they are well suited to baking particularly. One way to be sure would be to submerge each egg into a pan with one inch of water above it. If the egg floats don’t use it but otherwise it should be fine.

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